Review – The Forgotten Temple

Has the daily grind of the corporate world dulled your outward thinking?  Have Friday nights become tedious in their monotony?


Why not venture to Mindgame Escape, 205 Granada Square, Chartwell Drive, Umhlanga for a totally new activity and one to get the cranial cogs churning?


Around 3 weeks ago, myself and five friends had the good fortune of being invited to participate in one of 3 possible scenarios at Mindgame Escape. Baker Street, Houdinis Basement or The Forgotten Temple. The ultimate aim of the game is to escape from whichever scenario you have chosen, within the allotted time of 60 minutes. Our scenario of choice being The Forgotten Temple.


Not knowing what to expect, we were armed with “survival kits” (we were not going to trapped in a Forgotten Temple without sustenance)! Little help it did us as all belongings are locked away in a box (with you keeping the key).


Without giving anything away, once the team has entered the room, the time begins and it’s up to you to work as a team and gather as many clues as can be found. The teams may be anything from 2 to 6 persons. I would suggest going in at full capacity as many a thinking brain as possible is required. One by no means needs to be academically minded for this, in fact, it is very much an ‘out the box thinking’ type of game. You might pick up on something and one of your teammates will follow through with another idea which pushes you closer to your goal, so everyone needs to get involved.


Believe me, the adrenaline flows, shouting, to be heard above everyone, is a given, I can only imagine the cacophony of sound which emanated from our “temple”. As our time ticked down, excitement went up, we were not going to fail.
We made it, with 5 or so minutes to spare, a win is a win, I’ll take it.


Overall, an absolutely marvellous game for the whole family, friends and even work team building functions.  At R200 per person for a team of 6, although I wouldn’t label it reasonable, I would go so far as to say most definitely worth it.  Great fun was had by all and we’ll definitely be back.  5 stars for sure.  Bookings can be made online as well as payments.


Give Mindgame Escape a call now to book.


Kerry Corrigan

Guest Writer @ Family Outings | Equine Fundi | Aspiring Writer